Newsletter May 2024

Krumhuk Newsletter May 2024  Dear friends of Aris Primary School!The year at our small boarding school got off to a good start in January with the new school year. There are 157 children at the boarding school, 143 of whom attend the school and 14 the kindergarten. In the boarding school, 6 teachers [...]

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Coffee & Cake upcoming Dates

Coffee & Cake on Farm Krumhuk Every second week there is Coffee & Cake on Farm Krumhuk! You'll find the dates on this website. Also in 2024 there we offer delicious homemade cakes in Krumhuk. Every second sunday afternoon form 15 to 17:30 there is [...]

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Newsletter March 2021

Rain and life on Krumhuk On December 28, 2020 the first significant rain started in Krumhuk and so it continued to rain almost every day for 4 weeks. Only in this time it was 300mm, which is almost our annual average. On January 9th our house dam was full to overflowing [...]

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Newsletter 2020

Newsletter 2020 Life goes on! Dear friends near and far, In this time of great changes and radical change around the world, we want to tell you again about our 'small' world and its changes. After the severe drought last year we are happy every day at our - until [...]

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It rained well!

It rained well! Krumhuk in March 2020 Finally we have had rain almost every day for over 14 days since February 11th. And so the drought is over for now. 142 mm of rain were there and our house dam has become also completely full. In almost all of Namibia [...]

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You order, we deliver!

You order, we deliver! The best organic groceries right to your doorstep. You do not want to come to open markets in these times ? No problem! We deliver healthy food to your doorstep! To get an order form, please send us an email: or contact us here. [...]

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Coffee and Cake

Coffee & Cake Invite your friends .. Join us every Sunday from 3 to 5pm for Coffee and Cake underneath the old pepper tree at the farm house. How to find us >

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